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A sustainable rural society, where no poverty exists and people act responsibly toward the environment

On December 22, 2021, the Centre for Rural development in Central Vietnam and World Vision Vietnam in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Nam Giang district and the Global Farm Company Limited organized a customer conference to promote the black pig meat products of Nam Giang. The activity was included in the marketing plan of the black pig meat products within the project “Associated agriculture for long-term income stabilization of ethnic minorities and equal integration in community development in Vietnam” funded by The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and World Vision Deutschland (WVD).

The conference had the attendance of representatives from Nam Giang cooperative alliance, enterprises, supermarkets and consumers in Tam Ky city. It aimed to promote the packaged fresh meat and smoked black pig meat to food enterprises, supermarkets and consumers. Also, this was an opportunity for the enterprises to share the customers’ demand with the participants. By this way, pig farming households, cooperatives, collective groups have upgraded the manufacturing and packaging processes to improve the quality of products to meet customers’ demand. In addition, the customer conference provided a chance for the cooperatives and collective groups to connect with enterprises to better consume their local products.

The customer conference attracts the attention of customers who come and try products made from Nam Giang black pig

Mr. A Lang Puc, the Director of Ca Dy Trading Service Cooperative spoke at the conference: “This is the first time the black meat products are introduced to consumers and enterprises in Tam Ky city. We have exchanged lots of useful information with the enterprises and supermarkets. Based on collected information, we will complete the manufacturing process, improve the quality to bring the best products to consumers”. As one of the food enterprises with extensive knowledge of the food market in Tam Ky city, Mr. Huynh Duc Tuong, the Director of Global Farm Co., Ltd. said: “The special characteristics of fresh and smoked black pig meat will bring about the competitive advantage for the pig farming households, collective groups and cooperatives in the market. The company will lay the foundation for the market development and expansion for all indigenous products from Nam Giang in general and black meat products in particular”. Besides, some consumers in Tam Ky said that it is necessary to develop a distribution network for the fresh and smoked black pig meat so that people in other areas can access the products.

Mr Bui The Anh – the Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Nam Giang district

Customers try the products at the conference

The smoked black pig meat of Nam Giang is prepared by indigenous people

The organizational board prepares the fresh black pig meat to introduce to the representatives and participants 

The fresh black pig meat of Nam Giang

On behaft of the Centre of Rural Development in Central Vietnam, Mr. Vo Chi Tien, the coordinator of BMZ project shares the effort of the project to support indigenous people in the manufactoring process of the products

Mr Huynh Duc Tuong, the director of Global Farm Co., Ltd. speaks at the conference

At the end of the conference, the Global Farm Co., Ltd. And Ca Dy Trading Service Cooperative signed a memorandum of understanding for the cooperation in the production and sales of black pig meat products of Nam Giang. This is an important turning point in the process of bringing the specialty products of Nam Giang to consumers in the central provinces and across the country.

The memorandum of understanding between the Global Farm Co., Ltd. and Ca Dy Trading Service Cooperative

After the conference, the cooperative and collective groups also developed a selling point in Tam Ky city to introduce the products to more people.

Quoc Hung

Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam