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Một tổ chức hàng đầu về phát triển nông thôn bền vững, góp phần tạo dựng xã hội không nghèo đói, môi trường và sinh thái được cải thiện, công bằng và dân chủ được nâng cao.

In Vietnam, many farmers face difficulties in accessing remunerative markets. Group marketing has the potential to help farmer’s access markets on better terms, but such forms of organization in Vietnam are still very incipient. The CRD/SADU/CASRAD workshop aims to bring together relevant national organizations, NGOs, local service providers and farmer organizations to share experiences and lessons in the area of group marketing and promoting the potential for developing farmer cooperation for marketing in upland, ethnic minority areas of Vietnam. For more details on this workshop and downloading documents, refer to Information and workshop content of the website.

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