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Position: Consultancy on final project evaluation
Venue: Nam Dong District, Thua Thien Hue Province
Budget: 17,900,000 VND
The Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam is conducting the project: “Enhancing community rights in managing and benefiting after land and forest allocating in Thua Thien Hue Province” donored by ICCO. The project is implemented from January 1 2014 to December 31 2115 in 06 communities of 03 communes (Huong Loc, Thuong Lo and Thuong Nhat) in Nam Dong District as a continuation of the previous project named “Improving people capacity in accessing and using forest resources and forest land sustainably in the mountainous areas of Thua Thien Hue Province” . The overall objective/target of the project is “Empowering the communities for efficient management and sustainable benefit from forest and land”. The specific objectives are:
Objective 1: Enhancing management rights asn establishing the rights to benefit for communities to whom land and forest was allocated.
Objective 2: Capacity building for the communities in Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES).
Objective 3: Enhancing capacity of consultancy, policy criticism and implementation for FORLAND on benefits, including PFES and REDD+, of the communities taking part in forest management.
Activities implemented in the framework of objective 1:
Adjusting the Convention on forest protection and development of the villages (Financial code 2.1 and 2.3)
Documentating the process of building and revising Convention on forest protection and development (Financial code 2.2)
Revising the Convention of the villages and give feedback to process of building and revising Convention on forest protection and development of the District (Financial code 2.4)
Advocating for approval of District Peopek’s Committee on the conventions and the process of building and revising Convention on forest protection and development (Financial code 2.5)
Training to enhance the capacity of the communities, including: (Financial code 2.6)
+ Technical guidance on growing and nurturing rattan under forest canopy for the communities in Village 2, Village 6 in Thuong Nhat and Doi Village adn La Ho Village in Thuong Lo.
+ Technical guidance on growing and nurturing purple codonopsis in natural forest for the communities in Village 2 and Village 3 in Huong Loc.
+ Training on skills in dealing with forest law violation for 03 project communes.
Consolidating and establishing models of forest development in 03 project communes (Financial code 2.8)
Building benefit and benefit sharing mechanism from natural forest (Financial code 2.9)
Giving feedback on benefit and benefit sharing mechanism (Financial code 2.10)
Activities implemented in the framework of objective 2
Training on PFES policy and updating the implementation of PFES in Thua Thien Hue Province. (Financial code 3.1)
Experience sharing on PFES in Quang Nam Province. (Financial code 3.2)
Leaflet designing on PFES and conducting communitations to the communities (Financial code 3.3)
Training on Reducing Emission from Deforestation and biodiversity Degradation (Financial code 3.4)
Activities implemented in the framework of objective 3
Research on “Advocating on effective land use rights of the community in the context of rubber development policy in Vietnam ” (Financial code 4.1) coordicated by the CSRD (member of Forland).
Workshop to collect feedback on Decree 99/2010/ND-CP and PFES policy (Financial code 4.2), coordicated by the CORENARM (member of Forland).
Workshop on benefit policy from natural forest (Financial code 4.3)
Training on “Proposal and report writing skills” for the members of FORLAND (Financial code 4.4) coordicated by the CSRD.
Television dilogue on Forest Policy (Financial code 4.5) coordicated by the CSRD
Documentation on the outcomes and experience in policy advocacy of FORLAND (Financial code 4.6.1)
Communications the advocacy outcomes of FORLAND (Financial code 4.6.2) coordicated by the CSRD.

Objectives of the evaluation:
To assess the level of achievement of objectives, targets and expected outcomes of the project basing on the following criteria:
Efficiency: Assess the level of achievement of objectives and expected results of the project through the outputs/outcomes obtained.
Relevance: Assess whether the outputs/outcomes, overall objective and specific ones, approaches/implementation methods of the project suit/meet the needs of the project beneficiaries and stakeholders or consist with the objective of local socio-economic development or not.
Performance: Compare the outcomes with the resources (time, human, material and financial ones) used by the project.
Impacts: Assess the impacts of the project on the direct and indirect beneficiaries, including possitive impacts and negative ones (if any). It is also needed to consider the connection between the project activities in Nam Dong and those of FORLAND.
Sustainability: Assess the sustainability of the project outputs/outcomes as well as the feasibility for the continuation of project activities when it runs out of external financial support.
To provide recommendations and proposals to enhance the project sustainability using internal resources.
The main evaluation question
To what extent, does the project reach the objectives, outcomes, and outputs presented in the project proposal and contract between CRD and ICCO ?
To what extent, did the project bring positive policies changes about community forest management, especially supporting the access of forest dependent people in PFES and REDD+ in Vietnam ?
How efficiency does the project link and support the work of FORLAND ?
Review relevant documents before conducting field evaluation, including at least : The project documents, the agreement between ICCO and CRD ; the anual workplan and reports and those of specific activity (workshop, training, etc.), and the relevant project products/publications provided by CRD upon request.
Prepare and submit the evaluation proposal clearly describing the content, methodology, objects, tools, resources (human, material, financia, etc.) and a detailed plan of the evaluation.
Edit the evaluation proposal and the relevant documents upon request of the CRD (if any).
Conduct the evaluation at project site by content and plans agreed between the Consultant and CRD.
Work in close contact with the PMU in the project communes during the evaluation.
Regularly update the progress and discuss the problems arising (if any) with the CRD during the evaluation.
Submit the draft report in Vietnamse to the CRD within 10 days after completing the field evaluation. CRD will send the draft to the stakeholders for comments and then send their feedback/request for amendment to the Consultant after 07 days. All the comments may be accepted or rejected. In case the comments are rejected, reasons for the rejection should be given by the Consultant.
Submit the final report in Vietname to the CRD.
5. Deliverables:
The output of the mission will be the Project Final Evaluation Report in Vietnamese meeting the requirements of CRD/ICCO .
6. Required Qualifications:
At least University Degree
At least 03 years experience in project evaluation.
At least 01 experience in evaluating projects on Forestry.
Good communication skills and experience in working with ethnic minority communities
Excellent report writing skill.
7. Tentative timeline:

No Activity Deadline
1 Submission of letter of interest, technical and financial proposal for the evaluation August 8 2015
2 Preparation for evaluation plan (if selected) September 1 2015
3 Field mission September 10 2015
4 Completion and report submission September 30 2015
8. How to apply
Interested candidates please send applications to: Mr. Phan Trong Tri, Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam, 102 Phung Hung, Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City.
Deadline for applications is 15th August 2015. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
We strongly encourage submissions via email.

TOR for project evaluation

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